Sunday, November 22, 2009

Role of a Montessori Directress

In a Montessori classroom the place of the traditional teacher is held by a fully trained Montessori director or directress. Montessori directresses typically have a normal teacher qualificatio as well as an additional one-year full-time Montessori teacher education diploma. The directress is a guide or facilitator whose task it is to support the young child in his or her process of self-development. The directress is foremost an observer, unobtrusively yet carefully monitoring each child's development, recognizing and interpreting each child's needs. The directress provides a link between the child and the prepared envoronment introducting the child to each piece of equipment when he or she is ready in a precise, clear and enticing way. On a broader level the directress provides a link between the classroom and the parent, meeting with each child's parents to discuss progress. She needs to be an example, calm, consistent, courteous and caring. The most important attibute of a directress is the love and respect she holds for each child's total being.

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